The beauty of landscapes. The feeling of freedom. The narrow and winding roads. Weather conditions that vary without warning. The large unspoilt and deserted areas. Seas, mountains, fjords, forests, rivers, lakes. A journey by motorcycle from Italy to the North Cape, the extreme tip of Norway, is the dream of every motorcyclist voyager.

It is said that after thousands of kilometres, reaching such a wild landscape – populated by reindeer and elk, grazing freely – is an unforgettable experience. It is also said that reaching that place and looking out from the cliff, which offers an incredible panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, is breathtaking.

That is why the AC50 journey will be pushing to reach that place. We want the attempt at a world-record to reach an unforgettable place, as unforgettable as the first 50 years of Acerbis.

The itinerary chosen by the Acerbis team to reach the North Cape (Nordkapp in Norwegian), will cross through Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden. Norway. A road already travelled by who knows how many motorcyclists but, this time, the journey will be different.

We have chosen a destination that is symbolic of worldclass motorcycling because we want to tell the story of the passion of Acerbis, not only for racing but also for challenges and adventure. The decision to reach the furthermost point in Norway is dictated by our passion for exploration: that which is emotional, which regards our work, which fills the eyes and the heart.

A long journey awaits us. You will soon understand where the difficulties, risks and dangers lurk; overcoming them will make this venture even more epic and extraordinary.

A journey such as the one we are about to embark on, a journey through many different countries and landscapes, requires meticulous planning and a great deal of preparation. Many parts of northern Norway are almost uninhabited, so it is important to bring sufficient food and water to face any emergencies.

The three AC50 riders will take turns driving daily stages of around 800 km. Following them are two technical support vans and a staff of engineers, videomakers, and photographers. The CEO of Acerbis, Guido Acerbis, will also be on board.

The departure from Albino, home of Acerbis Motorsport, is scheduled for sunrise on Saturday, 10 June 2023. We will arrive at North Cape on 14 June where, however, our journey does not end. That’s right. Having reached this point, we must now tell you that we are turning around and heading back south again, to keep our odometer working as long as the strength and energy of our AC50 prototype will allow. We will reach the point where the last drop of petrol disappears from our tank, the largest rotational tank we have ever made for a motorcycle!