Acerbis conquers its first GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®! The AC50 project led to the construction of the largest motorbike fuel tank entirely designed and built in-house, with a capacity of 108 litres, which made it possible to cover the distance from Albino (Italy) to Cape North (Norway) -4,183.8 km on a single full tank-, thus obtaining the award for the greatest distance driven on a single tank of fuel by a motorcycle (prototype).
The journey was possible thanks to the entire technical team of ACERBIS ITALIA SPA. The schedule took the motorbike through an specific route which enhanced fuel saving. From southern Europe to Northen Europe, the journey started in Albino, the home of Acerbis, and then took off to the Brenner Pass, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and finally reaching the North Cape, at an average speed of around 70 kph. Three drivers took turns driving the vehicle: Alicia Sornosa, Andrea Rastrelli and Maurizio Vettor.
Guido Acerbis, CEO of Acerbis, is proud of accomplishing this challenge: “As a child, I admired the Guinness World Records book that my grandparents had given me and dreamed of entering it. Today, thanks to a determined and motivated team, the dream has become reality. Thanks to all of you who made it possible, and there are many of you.
The project was also possible thanks to the invaluable help of our partners: Garmin, Honda Red Moto, Repsol and SKF. The contribution of our supporters was also fundamental: CMV Meccanica s.r.l., Digital Communication, Domenico Carminati & c. Snc, Drudi Performance, MEFO, Moto Macchion, Pagani s.r.l., Sella Race, Verniciatura d’Arcore.
The journey continues and will only end with the last drop of fuel, but it will not extinguish our desire for adventure. We are constantly looking to the future, always ready to take on new challenges.