Bee brave, bee keeper.


Acerbis joins 3Bee’s sustainability project.
Acerbis wants to protect biodiversity and pollinators by supporting the Regeneration projects of 3Bee, a leading developer of intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health.

Indeed, the project to protect biodiversity and bees goes in the direction of environmental and social commitment. The adoption of a corporate hive increases employee satisfaction and attachment, creates a physical and digital bond together, thanks also to the constant monitoring of bees regarding their health and productivity. Finally, the nectar forest improves the biodiversity index by absorbing CO2.

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AC50 and Repsol together for biofuel supply throughout our journey.
Repsol’s Bio range ensures the protection of machinery and the environment by creating a balance between biodegradability, minimal ecotoxicity and lubricating properties.

At Acerbis we are very conscious of our environmental impact and work every day we engage in research and development of green issues and projects for circular economy and environmental sustainability.