Sound is everywhere in our life, but what does designing sound like?
Without it, nothing can become real.
Without it, AC50 would have just remained a wonderful daydream.

How does a project like this come to life?
During the golden years, there were the so-called “Battilastra”, literally metal sheet workers. They were highly skilled artisans, specialized in car shapes metal modelling. Just like sculptors of the Renaissance, they used only hammers, a chunk of wood, a sand bag and a pair of metal scissors. Thanks to them, coachbuilding became an art.

Massimo Assolari is Head of the CAD Area, with over 25 years of experience and hundreds of fuel tanks designed. For all of us he is just “Asso”, the Italian for ‘ace’. He is the link between Modeling and CNC machining. He supports Engineering throughout the development of each fuel tank. A kind of technological artisan, he aims for perfection in every detail. “AC50 has a surface complexity I have never experienced in my life Functionality goes hand in hand with beauty and I look for perfection in all my styling surfaces”.

Our story tells us that one day, early in the morning, lights in the Engineering Dept. were turned on, screens came back to life and quick and precise mouse clicks started to design lines and dots.
New surfaces, the ones of AC50 were combined, connected and joined.

What is the sound of designing?
Click, click… with the mouse at full speed towards the Record!