Henry Ford once said “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

The idea is born from an individual who shares with another one. The Team takes it to success.
What is exceptional, is the capacity of an individual to bring himself into the project.

Tuesday 29/06/2021, 15:04, Vall’Alta (BG), Italy. Email to Acerbis CEO “Hello Guido, please allow me 5 minutes of open eyes dreaming for a crazy idea I just got”. The vision keeps going, in images and smiles of who’s typing and already living emotions of a near future.

Il messaggio nella bottiglia lascia la sicurezza della spiaggia e inizia l’Avventura.

The day passes with meetings and projects. And then…

On the screen “1 new message”
It is him, DREAMER has just replied.
Not only that.
He shares the dream.

We are already a Team.

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