304 track laps.
Three hundreds and four! 300! 4! Got it??
My name is Maurizio Vettor, and I am proud of this number.

Those three digits are the laps done on the AC50 in one single day, on the Castelletto Circuit.

An unexpected amount of kilometers, crazy in some way

Three Hundreds and something laps. An out of scale number for many reasons: temperatures, weight, volume, track, uncertainty, fatigue, both mental and physical.

Thirty. Let’s try! Maybe fifty! Those were the numbers that everyone in the Team was aiming for even if, deep inside all of us, we knew that a visionary project like AC50 is perfect to be labelled as a record in every aspects. A challenge like those that, for whatever mysterious reasons, releases epic endorphins.

And this is it.

That day, after 50 laps, I entered a new dimension: challenge mode! “What about trying to make 70? Let’s try 100! 190, what do you think?”
This is it.

Let’s start from the very beginning.
I heard about AC50 when it was just a sketch on a piece of paper and for my professional background, having the opportunity to be on board at the beginning of the design and development process towards a World Record, it is a dream come true. When you are also asked to fulfill the entire testing activity that lead to final validation, you immediately understand that the very best is still to come.

With beauty comes physical demand: extreme cold, heat, frozen fingers, sweat. Design validation through track and endurance test. After 304 laps, 1500 is the next number. 1500 are the kilometres done as Endurance Test between Lago d’Iseo and Valli Bergamasche.

This is a great moment for me, from both professional and human level. The possibility to develop a vehicle, to test my endurance, to work in a professional Team are the fuel of what I call Challenge. Fifty? No, no, let’s start to write history down: 304! Got it?

My name is Maurizio Vettor, I am a journalist, a pilot, a tester and I am after extreme challenges. But you know what? I am proud of this number: 304!