A journey, an adventure and a project have one thing in common: ‘richness’.

This increases with experience, with knowledge and with emotions. Drawing new trajectories, travelling new roads, will allow us to get to know new places but also to put our work, body and mind to test. On such a journey, it is normal to be eager to look back, because the temptation to admire the path travelled so far is always very high, a sort of neo-Orpheus in search of his Eurydice. One could also give in to this desire but we cannot take our eyes off the road, which separates us from our goal.

As the sculptor, stubbornly removes material to assign new volumes to his new forms, we, on the other hand, must add more and more to free the boundaries of imagination and seek new challenges. The first step is to mould and transform the idea into matter. Our Modelleria has accepted this new challenge. Pasquale Cugini, Head of Acerbis Modelleria: “From a drawing, I make the idea from putty, resin and wood. It is my job. In 41 years of work I have never done anything like this before but this is my world“.

In the same way, to the shape of the sculpture that awaits us at our finishing line, we add an endless series of rich expectations, which are nothing but our emotions! Those alone will be enough to say that it will have been a unique, incredible and wonderful feat!

Live the AC50 project.

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