The box is full of puzzle pieces. They are there, randomly placed. Some of them are starting to define shapes and images, providing some important clues.

Let’s check them: a World Record, a motorcycle, the north, Acerbis’ fantasy and a Journey.

The image of our destination, that distant dot that we aim to reach, is defining itself with sharper lines.
Distance and mileage. Two words bound together.

What’s this challenge is all about?

We cannot share all the puzzle pieces because we are also getting ready for the day of the departure, we are testing and refining. A World Record demands precision and accuracy and reminds you that details are what really matter.

Look at the puzzle. Can you see a bike with three colours, a long road, a Team that you are starting to know, three riders with new technical gear, a Drudi Performance helmet, all of it towards north?

The distance will be impressive, but are we really sure that it will be the only key factor?

The puzzle is there, still to be finished and the pieces are many but every single content will get you closer to the 10th of June, the day of the departure!

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