Without going through the introductions or even the start, the thought runs straight, at full speed, towards an image. Aldo is the one who conceived and designed the graphics of the helmets and suits of the most famous riders in the world. We talk about legends like Michael Doohan and Kevin Schwantz. Drudi has imagined the liveries of the fastest and most victorious bikes on Earth.
Designer, graphic designer, motorcyclist.

He was entrusted with the three colors of the AC50 project: red, white and black. These three words and the vision of the AC50 project were given to him. He has the task of creating the graphics that will wrap the Acerbis helmets and that will be worn to attempt our World Record.

Red: the color of constancy, energy, movement. Red is the color of the races for Italy but also that of the great North, of the Norwegian icebreakers.

White: the color of growth, openness, silence, cold.

Black: the non-color color. Powerful, overwhelming. Black was also the color of the bonnets of 1970s rally cars.

Three colours. A thousand evocations.

And so Aldo’s felt-tip pens, pencils and strokes are moving in search of the perfect graphic. His imagination is losing earthly contact, exploring new borders, towards unknown destinations.
Our journey, now, is also that of Aldo Drudi.
“May there be many summer mornings” said Kavafis and may our colors, enclosed in his graphics, be successful.

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