Runes: a set of characters used by the ancient Germanic peoples, also known as the alphabet of destiny.
Runes, Aldo Drudi and AC50.
Runes adorned Viking ships as superstitious symbols and have always been questioned as divination signs. Drawing three Runes answers the question: ”yes or no?”. The word Rune comes from the Norse run-, meaning “secret, whisper.”
Aldo Drudi has summarised all this in a helmet: the runes, the journey, superstition, experience, enrichment, destiny.

And this is how the idea of Aldo’s graphics emerged from the dream of travelling along new roads and new experiences.
The journey, however, also brings the deepest fears, inherent in the human being, with it. Like the Vikings, who were the first to face the inhospitable seas and lands of the Great North, marking their ships with these protective symbols. Likewise, Aldo wanted to protect the AC50 enterprise, enriching the helmet graphics with three runes. Here’s the meaning.

  • Raido il talismano protettivo dei viaggiatori che li accompagna passo dopo a passo ad affrontare le paure e le sfide più dure.
  • Algiz protection that is combined with Raido to increase its effectiveness. Algiz or Elk, noble and tireless animal that, with its horns, is able to defend its herd and resist difficulties.
  • Vegvisir (Thor’s rune), a Scandinavian protection talisman also known as runic compass. A word that means “signpost”: the ancient legends narrate that the Icelandic Vikings traced this symbol on ships so as not to lose their way and know how to orient themselves in any weather condition.

AC50 needs all of this and represents all of this.
Drudi, however, did not stop at the symbolic meaning: the runes on the helmet become the elements that allow to define coloured areas.

  • White, the union of all colours, which represents freedom, peace, purification, a new beginning. White is the light of the dream that guides the choices.
  • Red, the colour of Italian racing cars and of the huge Norwegian icebreaker ships of the Great North.
  • Black, the absence of colour, which mixes with carbon to accompany the use of Vegvisir. The Vikings drew it on the wooden keel, Drudi traced it on the fibre cap of the Acerbis Tarmak helmets.

Graphics rich in content and meanings. Aldo Drudi, master of imagination and creativity, fully understood and interpreted the spirit of the AC50 project. The final touch: two letters “A” were also inserted on the chin guard to recall the helmet that the warriors used in the past.

Travel, superstition, experience, enrichment, freedom, challenge.
The AC50 pilots are ready to draw the three Runes to have a charm for their adventure riding the AC50.
Before doing so, they will wear their own helmet, personalised with their own initials on the back of the cap.
Let the adventure begin!