We have come a long way in these 50 years.

We have been inspired and spurred to progress towards a new way of designing, developing and producing what is in our DNA. We hope that we had a long way to go to build on our success in the world of two-wheelers and other sports. Today, in 2023, we are starting a new Adventure that for us it’s just a mid stop-over, time to catch the breath, to lower the visor and be back on the throttle. Because we hope our road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.

Acerbis AC50 project takes shape. For both challenge and emotions, for something untried and visionary.

  • AC50: what does it mean? What is it?
  • AC50 is a celebration of human ingenuity, soul and passion.
  • AC50 is an extraordinary idea with great technological impact, developed in the Acerbis 50th Anniversary Year.
  • AC50 is pushing the limit of our imagination and emotions. Is to be every motorcyclist’s big dream list.
  • AC50 is to cover mile after mile, stretching toward the horizon.
  • AC50 is a target never achieved before. It is an outstanding Journey looking for outstanding means.

We already have in our bag everything that we need and we are ready for the first step on this long Journey. Because we hope our road is a long one, the last drop will be the judge of what human mind can do.

Are you ready to follow what no one has ever dare?