Bike and rider. An inseparable binomial. Acerbis has always dressed and protected both with plastic, clothing and accessories. Two worlds that do not make sense to exist one without the other but that whose respective R&D departments work in parallel in Acerbis, without ever creating the opportunity for real cooperation.
The AC50 project has instead, from the outset, shown that it can embody that “global” project able to bring together the skills of all, in the pursuit of achieving the common goal: to lead AC50 to conquer a world record with riders who drive in maximum safety, comfort and style.

AC50, a divide between the past era of incredible success and the future that awaits the company, has allowed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) engineers and designers to approach the Motorsport Division; the first, specialised in the design and production of tanks and the second in accessories and clothing.

OEM has designed an extremely original project and Motorsport Division designers have produced a completely original capsule collection for the occasion. New materials, shapes, fit and increased protection.

Moreover, the challenge that AC50 has decided to face will test the work of the project engineers, stress the vehicle mechanics and expose riders to all kinds of weather conditions.

Thousands of miles in the saddle demand high-performance clothing. Technicality alone is not enough. And here is the choice of new fabrics coupled with different construction techniques and the precise desire to achieve maximum safety and protection without having to sacrifice comfort and design.

The AC50 riders will wear the new sport-touring carbon Tarmak helmet, ECE2206 approved with Drudi Performance graphics (see content 7) and custom-designed clothing: CE AC50 jacket (two versions: one ventilated and one no wind), AC50 gloves, ON ROAD double class A technical jeans. The well-known Step Shoes worn on the three riders’ feet:

highly successful technical shoes, protective but also very comfortable and ergonomic, suitable for long rides in the saddle Invisible to the eye but in contact with Alicia, Andrea and Maurizio’s skin, the Dual Road technical Underwear

that will protect them from the cold and the wind. And, considering the very long journey and the many hours to spend driving, rainproof clothing is also a must.

For riders and all staff members who will follow the world record attempt, finally, also a rich supply of garments dedicated to free time that are already part of the Acerbis collection.

Now the pilots have only to close their bags and anxiously await the start.