The largest motorcycle-approved fuel tank ever made

AC50 is a visionary project involving several Acerbis departments that will lead the company to achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title . How? By using Acerbis’ rotational technology to build an oversized tank that will cover the distance from Albino (Italy) to Cape North (Norway) with just one full tank, thus obtaining a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Greatest distance driven on a single tank of fuel by a motorcycle (prototype) . It is 2021, the AC50 project is born!

The project comes to life in a Team that starts with the feasibility study of the design, verifying how to allocate the volumes on the vehicle, while ensuring its safety and driveability. It begins in the Modelling Department, combining engineering and style in a clay model, for ergonomic verification and achievement of the theoretical volume required for the undertaking.

We proceeded with the construction of a fibreglass tank prototype for the first dynamic validation tests of the vehicle and fuel consumption through an Endurance Test.

In September 2022, construction began on the rotational mould, CNC machined from aluminium blocks, and in January 2023 the largest mass-produced motorcycle tank ever, with a 108-litre capacity, was moulded. The tanks are safety parts and Acerbis has followed the same standards that have made it an industry leader for the AC50.

Together with the design of the tank, the design and development of the dedicated technical apparel that the riders will wear and the communication activity through social media and the website begins. The helmet, which features graphics designed in collaboration with Drudi Performance, is the Acerbis Tarmak, the full-face carbon fibre model weighing just 1350 grams.

Now everything is ready! On June 10th, the bike with the oversized tank will set off in the direction of North Cape, following an exciting, specially designed route. Once there, the journey will not be over, but will continue to the last drop of petrol.

2023 is the year of Acerbis’ first 50 years and the AC50 project is designed exactly to be a new starting point.

The journey

AC50 is not only technology and know-how, but also travel, road, adventure. We will cover the 4,358 km to the North Cape, passing through Brenner, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

These first 50 years for Acerbis are a milestone, and we have designed the journey of the AC50 with the same philosophy. A route specially designed to optimise consumption and reach the goal. Cape North will not be the end of the journey, but only a passing finish line. The journey will end with the last drop of petrol, in the heart of Sweden, to set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title: for the greatest distance driven on a single tank of fuel by a motorcycle (prototype) .

At the handlebar of the bike there will be three experienced drivers:

– Andrea Rastrelli: his passion for engines, motorcycles and adventures knows no bounds and has taken him on board the AC50 on the long road to the Great North.

– Alicia Sornosa: journalist, she is the first European woman, and the first Spanish speaker, to have completed a solo round-the-world motorbike tour in the 21st century. She has won several awards for her travels, always linked to social initiatives, and is the author of two books.

– Maurizio Vettor, journalist, pilot, tester, but above all hungry for extreme and visionary experiences.

With the last drop of petrol, the AC50’s journey will end, but not our desire for adventure. Acerbis’ gaze is constantly turned towards the future, always ready to accept new challenges.