Garmin offers GPS systems for automotive, aeronautics, marine, outdoor and fitness applications. Garmin’s are known for innovation, usefulness and excellence in the operational fields. Company (headquarter and associated firms) operates in 34 countries with over 19500 employees.

Founded in 1948, Honda Motor Company Ltd is the world’s leading vehicle manufacturer. It manufactures motorbikes, scooters, automobiles, outboard motors, garden-agri-industry products and aeroplanes for private transport, with the aim of providing high quality products at an affordable price, using the latest technology, to continue to be a company that ‘society wants to exist’. Marketing and distribution of professional off-road motorcycles is assigned to Honda-RedMoto, a company specialized in the off-road sector.

Since 1907, SKF has been a pioneer in original equipment and a fundamental strategic partner for all major manufacturers in the automotive industry. SKF Vehicle Aftermarket provides significant benefit thanks to accurate mounting tolerances and superior quality that ensure better vehicle control for a smooth, stable and safe driving experience.