It all started with an idea.

Visionary? Yes, for sure!

Feasible? Maybe not, but just apparently.

An incredible idea, born from fantasy and inspired by our talent that fuels the desire to go where no one else has ever imagined venturing. An apparently bizarre idea, but we know that appearance often tricks the perception of what is feasible. The difference between achieving a goal, conquering a record, getting on a never done before motorcycle journey, making history and failing, lies all in us.

To believe or not to believe?

We prefer to believe in fantasy and in dreams. We believe with all our hearts. This is why we want to start this adventurous journey that has always lingered within us.

AC50 is an event planned in the Acerbis’ 50th Anniversary year. A project that sees all Acerbis expertise involved. Antonio Sironi, Project Manager AC50 “[…] A Journey has started. And I want to tell you something more. It’s a motorcycle journey never done before with SKF parts and Garmin GPS system. All surrounded by Acerbis’ flair.

Why are we working with such Excellences in their professional fields?

Because the challenge ahead is an extreme one. This Journey represents the realization of an Acerbis vision with all our Know-How”.

Because as a great Man once said, there are persons that “[…] are drawn away from trodden paths by the mysterious fascination of the unknown”.

It going to be an epic challenge that we will live with enthusiasm and courage because we believe that this is the only way to achieve goals, even those seemingly unattainable. On this journey, technique will merge with flair, pragmatism with utopia. The record will be this: to achieve the unattainable.

We hope that our road will be a long one. A very long one.

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