“What will remain of these ‘80s” and old songs says.
Well, without any doubts, the golden era of the greatest desert races and of the very first Acerbis fuel tanks. Great distances and mechanics at their limit. Acerbis fuel tanks were winners from the very beginning, thanks to their impact resistance and freedom in shape, key factor of the rotomoulding production process. From those amazing adventures, our How-How has grown in many fields and today we are ready for something even bigger. A visionary adventure loyal to our attitude: the look for new challenges.

Acerbis Team is working to the next level. As Head of Engineering and Design, Mapo Carrara, with over 30 years of experience between Dakar, Six Days and Enduro Championship “[…] The very first time I hear of AC50 project, I was even thinking it to be just a joke. Achieving the project goals given by Antonio Sironi [Capo Progetto AC50][AC50 Project Manager] was, at first glance, impossible”. The Technical Office began with an analysis of the distribution of the volumes to verify the feasibility of the project and then continued the studies in Modeling. AC50

We are at the turning point.

This content is giving you an interesting puzzle piece to understand the AC50 project. By reading, you are probably asking yourself how AC50 can be at the same time an adventurous journey while also embracing the racing attitude. You will fully understand it only in June at the start. Be sure of one thing: whatever you love, journeys or competitions, you will not be disappointed. In AC50 you will find everything you have ever seen in Acerbis. We want to conquer a World Record, daring as far as possible.