AC50 is both pragmatism and fantasy, engineering and poetry, craftsmanship and automation. It’s time to enter a new field, full of numbers and calculus. The 3D data you have read last week, is ready for the next step: the tool construction that will make Acerbis AC50 Journey possible.

Minds naturally flows to images: as a long motorcycles trip requires planning, the Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) that defines the milling path, requires to be carefully defined.

Rotomoulding tool is a sort of 3D puzzle, whose number of pieces (shells) are defined by the shape complexity. AC50 tool is a 4 shells one and 4 are the alluminium blocks required. 4 is a good wish, because, based on Numerology, it is the number of precision and safety. The huge AC50 alluminium blocks have scored an impressive weight: 2744,5kg. Four humongous monoliths waiting to be milled on 5 axis CNC machines. Millesimal accuracy to tell the dream of a Team to push toward a never attempted before World Record. 90 degrees corners disappear in rounds and new shapes.

It is now time for the Workshop, to build the frame that allows the tool to be used in Production. “It is a World Record tool and the biggest ever made for a motorcycle!”. Those are the words of Mattia Cancelli, Renato Paganessi and Enzo Modica, Acerbis OEM Workshop Technicians, whose skills, experience and craftsmanship allows more than 70 tools per year to be manufactured and ready for production. AC50 is also their challenge. Smiles, amazement and determination on their faces. This is Acerbis.

From one edge to infinite fillets.
From one to infinity.